Enjoy Healthy Cholesterol Support

Enjoy Healthy Cholesterol Support

Did you know that high cholesterol affects around 42 million Americans? Even more alarming is the fact that globally, according to the World Health Organization, around 39% of adults aged 25 and over have raised total cholesterol levels. That translates to millions of people around the world are turning to prescription medications designed to help keep their cholesterol levels at healthy, safe levels.

But wouldn’t it be great to discover a natural way to support and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels?

Figuring out which fruits, vegetables and, herbs are best can be time-consuming though, as well as a bit overwhelming. With Trévo, there is an easier way to enjoy powerful, completely vegetarian nutrients that have been proven to support and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

One of Trévo’s vegetarian ingredients is flaxseed oil, which has been shown in several studies to support healthy cholesterol levels while also helping to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Flaxseed oil even supports your joint health and digestive health. (1)

An herb called alfalfa leaf is another heart healthy ingredient in Trévo. One of the important health benefits of alfalfa leaf is the role it plays in supporting and helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. The fibers and chemicals in alfalfa seem to stick to cholesterol, helping to prevent it from remaining in your blood or depositing itself on the walls of your arteries.

It also appears that alfalfa, when included in your diet, helps rid your body of the harmful types of cholesterol (LDL) without lowering your body’s levels of HDL (“good” cholesterol). (2)

There are over a dozen other powerful natural ingredients in Trévo that can help support healthy cholesterol levels, but we are only going to discuss a few more in this blog.

When it comes to supporting healthy cholesterol levels, the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” may very well be true. Apples are a powerful source of fiber, an important nutrient when it comes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. (3)

Apples may prove to also be a winner when it comes to women’s heart health according to a new study of more than 34,000 women. In this study, apples were found to be one of three foods that support and help maintain cardiovascular health among post-menopausal women. By the way, the other two foods were red wine and pears. (4)

This is a great time to also mention that the nutritional value of the fabulous fruits, vegetables and herbs in Trévo is carefully protected by our cold processing manufacturing process. Cold processing keeps the food in its original healthy state to preserve its vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients.

Any conversation about supporting and helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels should also include the benefits of antioxidants. The fact is that, when taken daily, vitamin C, vitamin E, Co-Enzyme Q10 and selenium – which are all ingredients in Trévo – help improve HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels while also helping to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. (5, 6, 7 and 8)


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